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Standard Removal Tool released

AS has been reported already, a Win32.Trojan.Dropper.Agent.PRQ was detected on our servers about 48 hours ago.

Since this appeared to be a new undetectable variant of backdoor:win32/fynloski.a, no cleaners were available yet.
Our technical coding team have developed and tested a cleaner/Removal Tool, which is available for download on our user forum.

We have also submitted all available documentation and the Removal Tool to Microsoft, ESET (NOD32) and Malwarebytes.

Please realize we take a lot of precautions to prevent our sites from getting hacked. Unfortunately, there's always a risk. We have identified 20 customers who might have been infected and all have been notified personally.

Only systems running Windows 2003 or Windows Server 2003 software (as some VPS services offer) seem to be vulnerable to this malware.

In the near future ALL our download files will be digitally code signed to prevent any tampering and ensure the user receives a genuine, untouched package.

For more info on code signing: Code signing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kind regards,