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Your Question: Hi, is it possible to use arbitrage EA's at tradefort?
You are now chatting with Michael Boldin - Common Queries
10:00Michael Boldin: no it is not possible and we will block your accounts
10:01Marc: is there a reason for that?
10:02Marc: i thougt you are an stp broker and all trades will be forwarded to the banks
10:03Michael Boldin: yes
10:03Michael Boldin: but this does not imply arbotrage with our quotes
10:03Michael Boldin: manipulations with our quotes = fraud
10:04Marc: but to trade arbitrage is no manipulation...because you as broker give me the quotes...
10:04Marc: I thought that you would know which quotes are delivered
10:04Michael Boldin: You can use the strategy which you like on your account, but according to our agreement we can change the trading conditions on the account to 100% match with our liquidity providers conditions. Changes may affect the leverage, the minimum size of order, type of account.
10:05Michael Boldin: read above pleas
10:05Michael Boldin: Also we are not going to argue here - we just inform you that if we will see you are doing arbitrage we will block you
10:05Michael Boldin: and your accounts
10:06Marc: So this mean, If I have an EA (Not an arbitrage EA) ehich works good and gives me 300% in a half year it could be possible to change the tradeconditions how you want it?
10:07Michael Boldin: iWe can always change
10:07Michael Boldin: according to our agreement
10:07Marc: but the agreement is just useful for the broker and seems to be unfair
10:07Michael Boldin: and it is not connected what % profit you make
10:08Michael Boldin: can i help you with something else?
10:09Marc: I need information regarding a VPS...
10:10Marc: Do I receive a programm (remote control)
10:10Michael Boldin: yes please TradeFort - Virtual Private Server (VPS)
10:10Michael Boldin: yes you will have remote controll
10:10Michael Boldin: but
10:10Michael Boldin: please note that
10:11Michael Boldin: In order to receive a personal VPS, you should contact our support service through your Trader Room. This server can be obtained for free, providing your trading account balance makes up not less than 2000 USD or its equivalent in another currency.
10:12Marc: okay that's nice to know but one thing...Did you rise the amount from 1k to 2k?
10:12Michael Boldin: yes we did
10:12Michael Boldin: before it was 1 K
10:13Michael Boldin: because we have too many applications for TradeFort VPS
10:14Marc: This means...If I have an account up to 3000€ and trade with 1500€ in Margin...the VPS would be stopped?
10:16Michael Boldin: please monitor your balance and deposit if you see that your balance is less. Usually we send letter that reminds clients in such case. But according to agreement we can swotch it off without such letter so please monitor it - this is your job as trader
10:18Marc: okay...ähm thank you very much for help
10:18Michael Boldin: welcome!
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