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Your Question: Hi, is it possible to use arbitrage EA's at tradefort?
You are now chatting with Michael Boldin - Common Queries
10:00Michael Boldin: no it is not possible and we will block your accounts
10:01Marc: is there a reason for that?
10:02Marc: i thougt you are an stp broker and all trades will be forwarded to the banks
10:03Michael Boldin: yes
10:03Michael Boldin: but this does not imply arbotrage with our quotes
10:03Michael Boldin: manipulations with our quotes = fraud
10:04Marc: but to trade arbitrage is no manipulation...because you as broker give me the quotes...
10:04Marc: I thought that you would know which quotes are delivered
10:04Michael Boldin: You can use the strategy which you like on your account, but according to our agreement we can change the trading conditions on the account to 100% match with our liquidity providers conditions. Changes may affect the leverage, the minimum size of order, type of account.
10:05Michael Boldin: read above pleas
10:05Michael Boldin: Also we are not going to argue here - we just inform you that if we will see you are doing arbitrage we will block you
10:05Michael Boldin: and your accounts
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