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SO und nun noch ne erfreuliche Nachricht :-)
Die Entwickler haben sich gemeldet...bald gibt es ne neue version

we implemented this feature already in a new version, which was already planned for the next one or two weeks which trades around 30% more on our safe pair Aud/Cad without higher risk.

Your Idea is definitely working with Aud/Nzd, reducing the number of losses during time. It's not eleminating all losses, but it seems that, depending on the spread, it will reduce the losses to around 60% which is fine. But of course, losses are still happening For Aud/Cad the effect is negative, so we will only use this strategy for Aud/Nzd.
The overall income will decease a little, but the equity curve is smoother, with less risk.
You will receive the new version already in the next few weeks so you can have a look at it if you want.