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Hab das grad per Mail bekommen! Was heist das denn genau? Mein Englisch is echt a la miserable! ^^

I have bad news... the 500 memberships of Zcode habe almost sold out.. in under 24 hours!!

I think ive should seen that coming, but don`t tell me i didn`t warn you!

Luckily as the first feedback on Zcode came in, and showed that Zcode will have a TREMENDOUS impact on the web, the developers agreed to distribute another 250 memberships.

They thought ahead and beefed up the processor power/computing capabilities to make room for more sport "investors" and peopel that are sick of throwing money away with gambling when they could profit from every bet!

You really need to hurry now if you missed Zcode before..

The window of opportunity just opened up again and this is your 2. chance to start making money with a real time investment of3 minutes a day.

Z-Code System Goes Private. Hurry Up!

I doubt there will be any 3th chance as there shouldnt have been more copies than 500 in the first place!

So be quick and head over to

Z-Code System Goes Private. Hurry Up!

to secure your spot (if the additional memberships have not sold out already AGAIN!)