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Egoluxe [EA] -Trader befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast

Ist natürlich nicht schön wenn er nicht läuft! Auch ich musste schon des öffteren feststellen das MT4 manchmal mucken macht!


wie schauts mit der Beschreibung aus. Hast du schon angefangen?

freundliche Grüße


PS. ich hab einen Indikator der eventuell sehr hilfreich sein kann! Dieser nennt sich ITMF-SigAlert.

na hui: is mein 666 Beitrag! Prost! ^^

Zum Indikator

Follow This Strategy:

Open your position when the SECOND red or green bar appears and Exit your position when the blue line crosses the zero (middle) line.

Note: You CAN technically enter a trade on the 1st green or red bar. The only downside of doing this is that your position will not really be confirmed as there could be pullback and/or reversal. Waiting for the SECOND bar ensures that your intended trading position is indeed valid and you are safe to go ahead and open the position live.

Place your stop loss 2 to 3 pips below ( when going LONG ) and 2 to 3 pips above ( when going SHORT ) of the previous candle, assuming you’re using Candle-stick charts.

For example:
Buy at 1.4000 (going LONG)
The Previous Candle Low was 1.3990
Therefore, your Stop Loss should be set to 1.3990 – 2 (pips) = 1.3988

Do the EXACT OPPOSITE for going SHORT.

According to several thousand tests we’ve performed (by opening live positions on the market), this strategy works extremely well on 15-minute (M15) to 4-hourly (4H) timeframes.

We’ve tested it on several major FX pairs, and have received the best results on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD and NZD/USD pairs.

Simple isn’t it?

Try it out right away – You’ll be very impressed by its accuracy
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