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Hier einmal die Risikobeschreibung von Paolo für den Reticolo die ich gefunden habe und die schon besagt das man das Kapital pro Ring oder Basket nicht zu klein wählt.

Hi Pradeep, I answered a similar question yesterday in the comments. I’m quoting that reply for your convenience: The “triangle” pattern in technical analysis is well known: price ranges and the width of this range gets smaller and smaller as time passes, so that the line described by price seems included in a triangle. Typically at the end of this pattern price must “explode” in one direction or the other. An “expanding triangle” is just the opposite of what I described before: price starts oscillating within a range that gets larger and larger as time passes. This is not a scenario that happens frequently in the market. It is the worst scenario for ReticoloFX because the EA may continue opening trades in opposite directions without being able to close a set of transaction for a profit. As a matter of fact when ReticoloFX opens many trades in opposite directions it is “locking” a loss that gets larger and larger (negative floating drawdown). At this point it needs a sharp breakout in one direction or the other in order to be able to close a set of transaction for an overall profit. Of course the question is if ReticoloFX is able to wait the final breakout (that always happen sooner or later) before the floating drawdown depletes the whole account. If we stick to the suggested money management (1000 USD of balance allocated per ring/basket when trading 0.01 lots) our tests show that the probability of burning the whole account is very remote. Basically ALL baskets and rings should lose at the same time 100% of their allocated capital, while we expect at most a 30% drawdown on each basket/ring. The fact of combining baskets and rings together is a way of reducing the floating drawdown, because it is not probable that their peaks of drawdown always happen at the same time. As a matter of fact the last 5 weeks of forward testing have shown that the maximum overall floating drawdown is very tolerable considering a projected 15% monthly return.