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Der Trade war in GBPJPY, einem nicht empfohlenen und getestetem Währungspaar!

und wurde nicht bei LMAX ausgeführt:


@user456: I don't want to shock you or others with my loosing trade. I posted it to show that such thing can happen on LMAX exchange. I will try to clarify this trade with my broker to see what they say.

But to clarify a bit here and to protect the SFX business being an IB of LMAX, you have to know that
my broker is NOT LMAX, however i'm executing directly on LMAX. To show i'm executing on LMAX, i manually wrote LMAX in my NO ticket and added the .lmx, because i don't want to show my broker. I can not say, if i would have got the same bad execution directly with LMAX.

Sorry to all, if i caused confusion. I'm an old MDP trader and i've gone through so many bad things with brokers, you've to understand i've become extremely cautious. :-\

Also immer ganz genau lesen und dann posten.