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Question Seltsame Email von FXSalt

Hallo FXSalt-Kunden,

habt Ihr auch soeben diese Mail samt Anhang erhalten? Was ist davon zu halten? Auch Meinungen von Nicht-Saltkunden sind natürlich willkommen!
Dear Valued Customer

As you may have noticed, there have been lots of changes made to FXSalt as we have grown over the past few years. We are no longer a white label brokerage but are now a fully established broker.

During January, earlier this year, we migrated all of our customers trading accounts, including yours, from our old server to our brand new servers in NY4 (NYC) with redundancy backups in Zurich. We set up deeper liquidity with better execution and newer more reliable servers. We now use PrimeXM as our bridge provider who are the market leaders in bridge technology recommended to us by CITI group.

Now that all the migration has taken place, we have applied for regulation in a European Union State and hold all deposits in European Banks backed with 3rd party client fund insurance policies.

The last phase of the upgrade is to move the remaining funds that are being held at our Custodian Company over to FXSALT LTD. In order to satisfy our future regulators as well as our Custodian Company we require your knowledge stated on the following letter attached.

Please can you sign, scan and email a copy of the attached form. If you return the signed form within 48 hours, we will credit your account with a $50 USD bonus

Thank you for your continued support




Trident Chambers, P.O. Box 146,
Wickhams Cay,
Road Town,
British Virgin Islands
Web: fxsalt

Broker to broker fund release request

Dear Sir or Madam,

I, ............., request that the balance of funds in my trading
account be released to FXSalt LTD with whom I hold my MT4 trading
account number xxxxxxxxx (old MT4 account number xxxxxxx)


Signed ______________________ Date ____________