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FXCH ist ja reguliert worden.

Foreign Exchange Clearing House is a Prime Clearing Member of European Union Electronic Derivatives Exchange EUEDEX™ regulated by Financial Supervisory Agency (FSA). Registered Member ID: PCM-2367

Foreign Exchange Clearing House is authorized by EUEDEX™ Financial Exchange to solicit clients and accept orders to buy or sell approved financial instruments on EUEDEX™ as well as accept money or other assets from customers to support such orders. According to EUEDEX™ regulations FXCH maintains a Surety bond with EUEDEX™ for clients’ protection against possible customer complains and claims toward FXCH. Members of EUEDEX™ are selected according to strict criteria and have to respect a codex of honor in conducting their business. Banks and financial companies withholding customers' funds are obliged to adhere to the regulatory standards of the financial authorities and must follow precise due diligence procedures and trading practices. FXCH fully compliant with the aforementioned directives and is subject to all applicable financial regulations.