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Alt 20.09.12
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Jetzt ist es amtlich, dass der Verkauf eingestellt wird.
Aus dem Newsletter von TulipFX von heute (20.09.12):

KangarooEA: Closing the doors..!
On December 1, 2012, Kangaroo celebrates its 2 year anniversary, and this seems a perfect moment for us to pull Kangaroo off the market and close new sales. This means that anyone who has purchased a license before that date gets to benefit from trading Kangaroo going forward.

No more licenses will be sold after December 1, 2012.

Moreover, we will increase prices from $499 to $999 on September 23, until December 1, 2012. We feel we have reached enough traders with Kangaroo and would like to continue with the current club of members we have. It's becoming a great group of fellow traders who share experiences and views on our forum. The current numbers are manageable for us and we'd like to make the club exclusive and so close the doors.
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