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Ich sehe zwar die Candles nicht mehr im Chart aber bei mir funktioniert es! ^^


Setting up the robot
There is an input that stops the bot sending trades - StopTrading:by default, this is set to true because we need to give the robot time for the market direction for each pair to emerge. So:

download Basket With Balls to your Expert's folder.
download the template to your Template folder.
close down and restart the trading platform.
drag the robot onto a chart and leave it for a few hours. Any chart. Time frame does not matter. Only one chart. Loading the template instead of dragging the robot onto a chart has the same effect, except that it blanks out the candles that otherwise get in the way of the display.
after a few hours, re-drag the robot onto the chart, setting up your inputs to suit yourself and setting StopTrading to 'false'. The bot will immediately start to send trades - one per pair.