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Rückerstattung über Clickbank habe ich eine Antwort erhalten.
Wenn es interessiert:

Dear Customer,

Forex Striker is exceptionally accurate in
its trading approach and refunding is going to prevent you from seeing
that for yourself because the robot will be instantly disabled after
your refund is processed, prompting you to miss all the winning trades
and profits.

Further, it is a trend following robot in essence, meaning its success
is a seasonal matter. While for some months in spring, summer,
and autumn, Forex Striker can generate double digit profit percentage,
the winter months are generally more quiet due to the low market
activity because of the seasonal holidays worldwide.

We suggest you hold fire for a few weeks and just leave the bot
running on a demo account, so that you can see the results first hand.

Forex Striker is covered with a 60-day full refund guarantee and you
still have plenty of time to make a refund later. We look forward to
our mutual immense success with our best-ever Forex robot!

I know some of you were concerned about the trading frequency of the
Forex Striker and that it did not trade last week. We would like to
address it. It is very important to understand that Forex trading is a

Like investing with a bank - when you invest in Forex trading, expect
long-term returns. You don't go to the bank every week asking how my
deposit is growing since last week, right? It would be ridicilous.

Forex Striker is like Megadroid, a very selective and conservative
robot, expecting a perfect market situation to attack when it is safe
for your bankroll.

Remember, it is not about the quantity, it's about the QUALITY of the trades!

If you checked the past performance, there are periods of 7-10 days
with no activity in the past and it is normal. With the crazy
situation about ELECTIONS the market is very VOLATILE and it is
prudent to avoid trading during this time instead of losing.

Take a look at the last year as an example with the 99% tick quality data:

Strategy Tester: ForexStriker

As you can see, patience is the key. If you rush into trades with scam
bots that trade a few times a day, you put your account at HUGE risk.

Remember, Forex Striker is developed for serious long term minded
investors and they can be sure it trades frequent enough to end up
profitable every year!

To your succees!

The Forex Striker Team
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