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hier mal die Mail mit den Zugangsdaten zum Investoraccount von Xcalper.
Wie gesagt dieser Account wurde vor die Wand gefahren, warum sie zum noch vorhanden Konto mit einem geringerem Risiko keinen Zugang gewehren??? Das ist eine gute Frage.......

About: Xcalper is an automated strategy in form of an MT4 Expert Advisor which scalps low spread currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDCHF, EURGB, USDJPY and targets less than 5 pips or profit.

Strategy: Xcalper uses ADX indicator for finding a strong trend, ATR indicator for finding solid movements and checks different timeframes to enter a trade that can be closed in a reasonable time and profit.

Scalping: Scalping is a trading strategy which a trade is opened for a short time and small number of pips yet with high size of position.

TimeFrame: You may run Xcalper on any timeframe. Xcalper automatically extracts the values of indicators from the required timeframes.

Platform: Xcalper is designed for MetaTrader 4.00 which is the most popular Forex trading platform.

Hedging: Xcalper does not use hedging, therefore it is compatible with U.S. brokers and NFA regulations.

Manual Direction Setup: You may manually choose what direction(buy or sell) you would like the EA to trade in and the EA will find the accurate entry point only in that direction. This feature is valueable for users who follow the news and would like to add manual intervention to the pure technical analysis of the EA.

Account Info: You may login to this account and see the trades yourself with the following credentials:
Account Number: 10296690
Account Password: "rZmJcFg"
Server: "IBFXAU-MT4-ID01"
Broker: IBFX Australia
Platform link:

Customer Serivce: The Expert Advisor comes with free customer service and support prior and after purchase.
Xcalper - Forex Scalper