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INVINCIBLE befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast

Ich würde sagen SAUGUT.

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This is for those that say we don't post the losses, these are all the wins and losses from the pairs we are tracking today:

usdchf 50 pips
gbpusd 40 pips
eurusd 15 pips
usdjpy -40 pips
usdcad 15 pips
eurgbp 43 pips
euraud 26 pips
eurchf -37 pips (from yesterday)
gpbchf 50 pips
gbpjpy -100 pips
audnzd 20 pips
audcad 19 pips
audchf 10 pips (in progress)
audjpy -29 pips
eurnzd -27 pips
eurcad 30 pips
cadchf 38 pips
nzdjpy -34 pips
nzdusd 5 pip (in progress)

+94 pips is not bad for one day - and we believe it can be made much better