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Hallo zusammen,

ich habe mal eine Email an den Hersteller geschrieben, weil ich wissen wollte ob es eine Geld zurück Garantie gibt oder eine Möglichkeit den EA mal für eine Woche zu testen. Ich hätte mir auch gern die Hisorie auf myfxbook angeschaut und auch gern den 12 Jahre Backtest als html Dokument.

Aber lest am besten selbst. Erst kommt meine Frage dann die Antwort des Herstellers.

Dear Ralf,

thank you for your email. Please read below the answers to your questions.

1. is there a certain time in which i can give the EA back and get my money back when i am not happy with the EA (without a reason)? Because i want to make my own backtest with this EA. Or is there a opportunity to test is for one week?

We don´t provide any money back guarantee. We know that many more or less serious other company´s do that. But we offer a identicial trade guarantee. That means you will have the same trades on your account as on our real money public account! We are the only company which can and give this guarantee actually. As the Brokermonster Forexrobot is not distributed in any way you cannot do any backtest by your own. The strategy is ongoing updated and adapted by our professional trading team to the current market conditions. If you purchase a license we will install a license on your trading account on one of our high performance servers. You will not receive any Software. This is the only way to protect our system against hackers and only in that way we can provide the identical trade guarantee and the 100% safe use of our Forex Robot.

2. can i please have acess to the locked data on myfxbook (balance, open tarde, open orders, history) this data is very important to evaluate the EA.

No. You can analyse everything which is important on myfxbook for a decision to use this strategy. I mean you can see risk/reward ratio, winning trades, how many and what kind of trades in what FX pair etc. We don´t show the history, open trades, open orders etc. to protect our strategy from copying open orders or trades, public analyse of our strategy etc.

3. and can you send me the hmtl dokument of your 12 year backtest.

No, we don´t provide it because we don´t want that somebody is analyzing the history to any used strategy we use in the EA. Also to be honest a backtest is just something which the people want to see but is has absolutely less than 10% relevance in real forward trading as you may found out if you are still trading. We show a real money account to show how our strategy work. If you search for “brokermonster” or “broker monster forex robot” you may find more accounts form our clients on myfxbook.com…

Your EA have a real impressiv performance. It look to goog to be true without further information as i wrote above.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards

Felix Leiter

Sales and Marketing

Brokermonster Forexrobot
Level 4 42 Khyber Pass Rd
1023 Grafton

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Email: sales@brokermonster-forexrobot.com
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