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Forex Trading Tools | Trader On Chart | FATv3
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Trader On Chart v1.5a/b (2013-05-27)

* Metatrader 4 Build 500 version released and adjustable SL/TP/Entry values are no longer useful with the Trader On Chart or any other software with this kind of feature. MetaQuotes made this possible on any MT4 client terminal without no 3rd party software and honestly it is better solution than i ever seen with any other software.
* Adjustable SL/TP/Entry feature is turned off by default now. You can turn it on and use with older MT4 client terminal.
* EA is set to update adjusted SL/TP/Entry values each 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
* Fixed problem when EA changed back entry price after you adjust SL/TP or entry price with the mouse.
* Fixed problem with the "TP in seconds" as it was setting TP in pips at the same time as well.