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Hier mal ein Beispiel aus den Bedingungen von GKFX und wie die damit umgehen:



Scalping can apply to any online quoted financial market. Traditionally it primarily refers to the Foreign Exchange market due to its , liquidity and tight spreads.

It is when a trader, often using high leverage, attempts to take advantage of a price discrepancy or anomaly in market in an extremely short period of time, typically a few seconds.

Often this price anomaly may be caused by latent prices which is where, due to the complexity of transmitting prices online around the world, delays in updates occur, which although small, can still be exploited.


GKFX provides fixed spreads and liquidity to its customers, where possible. It does this to help them trade in volatile global financial markets by giving them greater stability of pricing. It does not do this so that people can abuse this to their own ends. We will therefore invoke our Manifest Error rule for anyone we deem to have been dealing on latent prices and abusing the fixed spreads that we provide. This may result in some or all of those trades being cancelled or amended.

GKFX reserves the right at any point to change a clients underlying liquidity feed to another, at its sole discretion, in order to protect itself against abuse of all kinds."