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Gestern habe ich eine neue Mail erhalten.
Schön ein neues Währungspaar kommt dazu.


We are really glad to have you on the team of successful traders with the GPS robot. We have prepared this special newsletter for you to cover the results of the GPS robot and for great future updates.

GPS Robot results: 65 winners 1 loss!

As you know, the GPS Forex Robot has already shown, in just the last two months, that it works perfectly! Moreover, we are really happy to inform you that from the thousands of clients we have, only two of them blew their accounts and only because they used incorrect settings – a big lot-size value with a really small deposit – all other traders have had great and stable results!
During this time, the GPS Robot generated over 40% clear profit for most of the traders that use it in their trading portfolios, and it makes close to 65 profitable trades with only one loss.
New version is coming soon with great updates

We are really happy to inform you that in March of this year, we planning to release a new version of the GPS Forex Robot with the added possibility to change some of the most important parameters, such as stop levels, risk levels, using stealth mode, magic numbers and many others!

In addition, a new version of the GPS Forex Robot will work with a new currency pair on which the GPS Robot already shows great trading results! The GPS robot update will be free to all our members who trusted us and joined our group! We are glad to see that you qualify for this free update!

Results on other brokers and investor access
Many traders have asked us about how the GPS Robot works with other brokerages. As you know, the brokerage we recommend is IamFX.com, but we have used the GPS Forex Robot with more than 10 different brokerages! With all of them, the GPS Robot shows great results and you can verify all of them in the Forex EA Lab here:
GPS Forex Robot - Mark Larsen Forex EA Lab

But today we decided to show you a new GPS Forex Robot account that uses the FxPro brokerage with the investor password. On this account, the GPS Robot generated almost 60% clear profit with more than 90 profitable trades during the last three months.

What is an investor password?
The MT4 has what is known as an investor account login. Anyone can view the live trades without causing any issues to the account as it is in ‘Read Only’ mode. The MT4 investor account is the only REAL verifiable way to prove that the statement is real.

How to use it:

1. Simply download and install the FxPro MT4 terminal here:

2. Start the Mt4 and click FILE -> Login
Then enter the following access:
Login: 3247611
Server: FxPro.com-Demo1
Investor: 7axmetp (read only password)

3. Then you can go to Account History and verify all the trades on our account in real time!
You will soon see for yourself just how great the GPS Robot works!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and information!

GPS Robot team
Ronald, Antony & Mark