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es gibt was neues vom VolatilityMaster. Nachdem viele Kunden andere Handelsergebnisse hatten als der Vendor auf seinem Konto (mich eingeschlossen) hat er nun eine Trade-Copier-Version raus gebracht (wir Kunden haben die schon seit 2 Wochen). Auf Donnaforex gibt's dazu ein Update, was ich mal hier rein kopiere.

Auf der Homepage kann man sich kostenlos eine Beta-Version downloaden und auch live verwenden. Also wer will sollte sich beeilen, da die Anzahl der Beta-Tester wohl limitiert ist ...


Dear Forum-Members!

first of all, we want to thank to Donna and their Team for receiving the Vendor-Award for our EA which is now live since nearly a year

Some of our clients reported they get differing trading results on their accounts compared to ours. So we have started a survey if there is interest on a trade-copier version for VolatiliyMaster to eleminate these differences.
The results of this survey where more than 76% of all answers wanted a trade copier version to eleminate broker dependencies which led to differing trading results in the past. We saw this as a clear signal into our direction and proceeded with our work.

The beta test with our clients is already running and we now decided to start this to the public, but with run time limitation and a strongly limited number of participants only.

The first 75 Forum-Members who wish to join this beta are free to download the beta version after registering here at:

Register as Beta-User

You are free to use the version for one live and two demo accounts.

Please note, this version is only a beta version and we do NOT recommend running this version live at this stage. We are not responsible for any trading results you achieve with this version! You are using this Beta-Version completely on your own risk!

Whenever you experience any problems or unexpected behaviour, our interest is to get a small mail from you regarding the issue. At the moment we think about to run the beta phase for around 4 weeks.

You can have a look on our live trading performance here:

VolatilityMaster System | Myfxbook

A small word the the prior question about the drawdown. You can easily control the DD with simple using a smaller risk of the EA's settings. On our own public trading account our risk is set moderate, which of course leads to a higher drawdown. So it's just up to you and your personal risk appetite

When there are any questions, please come back to us. Contact details are written in the included manual or through our homepage.

Happy trading and much pips!

The Team from VolatilityMaster
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