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Standard update - FGB


wer ihn nutzt wird dies Mail auch erhalten haben. für die anderen unten eine Kopie. Es wird also an den bekannte Problemen gearbeitet. Der FGB macht gute Gewinne, aber die Sache mit den "verlorenen" Trades ( z.B. nach Neustart) ist nicht gut.

Hi Forex Growth Bot trader,

I would like to apologize for the lack of communications. We have been
working diligently to improve Forex Growth Bot and release the new
trade copier.

Good news we have some updates on both improvements on the robot
AND the new trade copier! Here we go.. First the robot:

1) We have replaced the activation system now it's all automated, you can
transfer license without our help .

2) Trail Pips... You can now set a number of pips as the trailing stop.

3) ALPARI FIX.. yes you can now use Alpari with the robot.. this fix may
actually improve performance for other brokers as well.

4) Backtest crash... some users reported back tests causing crashes..
no longer an issue.

5) Smart Exit.. the robot will close out trades if they are open for longer
than a certain amount of time. Optional.

6) Interntal controls compare: If the trades don't match internal system, then
trades will close ( method to prevent loss of control issue ). (May not be available
for this update, depending on time constraints, one of the last fixes we are making)

7) License status on the charts.

8) Version on the chart and file named same.

9) Chart shows whether trades are being followed by robot or not. We are still
trying to repair the restart issue, we have created methods to help prevent it,
continuing to work on eliminating it.

The BIG question... when will this be available.. we are hoping within 24 hours it's
100% complete, but we need to double check it's good, once confirmed we hope,
a few days, maybe even less!
David O