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Standard Error Code 16

Der Error Code tritt nur bei neuen MT4 Builds 600+ auf. Da das Kangaroo nur unter der alten MT4 version bis Build 509 läuft hat TULIP in einem newsletter eine temporäre Lösung herausgegeben um die neuen MT4 600+ builds auf die alte lauffähige 509 build zurückzusetzen. Das Ganze ist lt. TULIP nur als übergangslösung gedacht bis sich das Kangaroo auf die neuen MT4 ümgeschrieben haben.

Bei mir hat die Lösung funktioniert!

Dear fellow investor,

This newsletter contains important information about KangarooEA build 600+ and how you can continue to operate KangarooEA.
While we work on the effect MT4’s update to version 600+ has on KangarooEA we suggest that users do not upgrade to MT4 version 600+.
However, MT4 upgrades tend to now be pushed out without upgrade confirmation, so many clients will have had new terminals forced upon them. KangarooEA 7.5 will not run on build 600+.

The issues arise from new quirks MetaQuotes has introduced in the newest build(s). The array functions have been drastically altered. Kangaroo uses a plethora of complex linear regression analyses (including the residual error function calculations) and this has become scrambled with the changes. To use an analogy, the MT4 update is like everyone’s addresses in a city being changed. The post office would have a nightmare delivering mail.
This is why upgrading the KangarooEA to the new build is proving an immense challenge. While we continue to grapple with resolving the multitude of issues these changes have caused we have an interim solution so that you can still operate KangarooEA.

KangarooEA works as designed on MT4 build 509.
Below you will find instructions on how to revert your MT4 build 600+ back to MT4 build 509. You can then run KangarooEA on this MT4 build. Please follow the instructions step by step, carefully. If needed install a dedicated MT4 terminal for KangarooEA to run MT509 on.

To revert back from Build 600+ to 509

1) Check version at MT4 to ensure that you need to revert.
In MT4 go to the menu => Help => About.
If your build is 5.09 then you do not need to do anything. KangarooEA will continue to operate.

Should your Build version have a higher number, then use that number instead of the example "625" used below.

2) Close MT4 that runs with Build 625

3) First make a backup the current files in your Build 625
Right click on the MT4 directory and add the whole directory to a zip file. Should you need to you can extract the zip file and your current set up will be restored.

If you have multiple EAs on your MT4 and do not wish to revert from MT4 600+ back to MT4 509 you can install a new MT4 terminal just for KangarooEA. You can log into your account on both terminals. One running 600+ and one running 509.

4) Go to your /mt4 directory that you wish to revert to 509
Find and rename the following four (4) files.
  • terminal.exe => terminal-625.exe
  • metalang.exe => metalang-625.exe
  • metaeditor.exe => metaeditor-625.exe
  • mql.dll => mql-6254.dll
These are the ‘new’ MT4 files. They are renamed so they are stored but unused.

5) Download the zip-file "" and extract the files into a directory.
The “” file can be downloaded here: Download from - send big files the easy way

The zip file will contain the following files:
  • terminal-509.exe
  • metalang-509.exe
  • metaeditor-509.exe
  • mql-509.dll

These are needed to revert back to MT4 509.

6) Copy these extracted files to your /mt4 directory
Now rename the files back as follows:
  • terminal-509.exe => terminal.exe
  • metalang-509 => metalang.exe
  • metaeditor-509.exe => metaeditor.exe
  • mql-509.dll => mql.dll

7) Start MT4
Your MT4 will now start as MT509 and operate KangarooEA (and any other EAs which don’t operate on MT600+) as before.
If you for any reason want to change back to 625, then you have the files as backup and can rename them, deleting the 509 replacement files.

8) Prevent automatic updating

However: The next time you open MT4 509 it will upgrade to 625 again.
To avoid automatic updates do the following:
Go to:

(Windows 7,8) C:\ProgramData\MetaQuotes\WebInstall\mt4clw\
(Windows server) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ApplicationData\MetaQuotes\Webinstall\mt4clw

Note: C:\ProgramData\ is a hidden directory, so you may need to tell Windows to display its content.

Here's how to display hidden files and folders:
  • Click the Start button > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > click Folder Options.
  • Click the View tab at the top of the window.
  • Under Advanced settings, click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, and then click OK.

After you have changed the file names right click on the /mt4clw directory properties.

Click on the security tab at the top of the window.
Click on the Edit button.
Click on ‘deny’ full control.

Repeat the security changes for each user group.
MT4 will not be able to access the webupdate directory to automatically update MT4 to build 600+.

Remember: once a solution to KangarooEA is found for build 600+ you will need to unprotect the directory again so MT4 can auto-update.
If you wish to keep MT4 auto-update for other MT4 builds on your computer, do not protect the directory. Instead before opening your MT509 to run KangarooEA delete all the files in the /mt4clw auto-update directory.
MT4 will not update as you open MT4, but it will re-copy the auto-update files to the /mt4clw directory.
You will need to delete these autoupdate files each time before opening MT4 509 build.

Should your MT4 terminal update accidentally again, re-follow the steps outlined above.

This is not a perfect solution, but reverting to MT4 509 will allow you to continue to operate KangarooEA 7.5 until a solution is found for the array issues MT 600+ has caused.

We will continue to keep you updated with progress. If you have any questions, please email me at
Norm @ TulipFX