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Moin zäme,

das ist doch eine klassische Grid-Strategie. Traden bis das Konto platt ist, und der Profit vom Michael Nase steigt

Carpe Diem,

Greenzone-invest.com - Discussion Forum: My demo channel!
Hi guys!

I've been trying to learn the hourglass trading by myself and this is my three pairs channel.

neeemo System | Myfxbook

I have about 8 trades locked up with NZDUSD which is eating away at my equity, and one really stupid EURUSD trade that is 5 times the volume of my regular trades.

I've learned a lot since I started little over half a year ago, but I am aware that I am using way too little capital. My EURUSD channel is of 0.02 lots with an interval of 25 pips. According to Michaels recommendations 0.01 lots with 50 pips intervals requires 3000 dollar.

With this setup I am hoping to get into primer situation more quickly as that is what I need to practice before I feel ready to trade with real money.

Although I know nothing about how to perfectly balance the channel in a primer situation I understand the logic behind adding higher volume trades to save my channel from crashing. I know that it will be posted in the tutorials later.

Any feedback would be welcome, and also if it would be possible to have 25 pips intervals without a huge increase in starting capital?