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Ich glaube in der Regel, werden die Positionen gleich groß geöffnet, aber ich bin wie gesagt kein Profi, und sehr in mein Studium involviert.
Mir fehlt also die Zeit um mich ganz genau reinzufuchsen
Wie kannst du einer Blackbox dein Geld anvertrauen, wenn du nicht weisst was da abläuft.
Du musst nur mal googlen:

1. Philosophy behind the system: The basic idea is that you select a currency pair and find a channel of 'min-max' boundaries + a safe zone. The two year high-lows of a single pair. This will form the 'channel' within which one trades for the next 3 months.
Was eine sichere Zone sein soll, sei mal dahingestellt.

2. Indicators and parameters: None. You just use past history of a currency pair to pick your channel.

3. Entry and exit signals: None. Every 50 pip move up or down a new trade will be triggered and reach TP. + steigende Trades im Minus. Toll

4. Stop loss and profit target placement: You start out opening both sell and buy orders and with TP 50 pips away. Whenever you reach a TP you open up two new trades at that level with another 50 pips for TP. That way you will effectively range-trade up and down a currency pair, continually taking pips to the bank and slowly increasing the amount invested. Each closed trade takes you another step. Michaels plan is to take 2000 USD and turn it into 400.000ish within a relatively short periode (some 2 years or so).
Das will ich sehen. Wenn er schon Jahre damit arbeitet. Dann zeig uns Konten lieber Michael.

6. Backtest results: I am currently copying this trader. With a mere 50 USD on a live account. Its intended for 2000 USD, but I am playing on the safe side until I have confirmed that this actually works.
Das ist doch ein Widerspruch. Michael sagt ja, dass man Minimum 2000-3000 USD auf dem Konto haben sollte. Mit 50 Dollar gewinnt man keinen Blumentopf.

The account is live and has been trading for months now; you can follow Michaels results at:
https://openbook.etoro.com/viking1961/#/stats/ (what matters here is realized equity; an increase of 162% in one year so far).

More information can be found here:

Where the system is explained in more detail, charts are provided as are excel sheets with the calculations.

Read more: Channel Trading: Viking1961 500 step system