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Kann mir jemand die Setting erklären komme damit nicht klar

CloseOnlyOnProfit true/false: when this mode is enabled, positions close to system
signals only, when they are in profit, or where stoploss may be reached. If
CloseOnlyOnProfit= false /default/, positions close to system logic even it is on a loss.

SecureProfit: minimum profit to be guaranteed where the position’s current profit is
equal to the value of the SecureProfitTrigger parameter.
SecureProfitTrigger: the position’s current profit (in pips) which would guarantee
minimum profits equal to value of the SecureProfit parameter.

UseCustomPair true/false: if you wish to use WallStreet FOREX Robot on a
unsupported currency pair, change UseCustomPair=true

RecoveryMode true/false: when RecoveryMode is activated, an algorithm effectively
compensates current drawdown through smooth increases of trading volumes. This
mode is active only when AutoMM is greater than zero (AutoMM > 0). Before activating
RecoveryMode, please bear in mind that it can significantly increase risk to your account.
For this reason, RecoveryMode ought to be used at low values of the AutoMM parameter.
AutoMM_Max: the maximum permitted risk expressed as a percentage of the account
per individual transaction, calculated on the basis of a 100 pip loss.

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