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pstoll befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast

Hab denen mal geschrieben, hoffe ich setze da was in Bewegung.
Wäre gut wenn ihr auch eine Mail schreibt. An:


I was waiting for a long time now for an update of the EA but nothing happened. I really would like to know what you developers are doing all day long?!
I still regard the EA as a beta version because it is still having bugs and problems all the time. Ok, where do I start?
First, it always makes my MetaTrader Crash, probably because of the activation. I can’t have my Server MT4 account open and the one on my computer, you should
Really try to fix it. That’s annoying, because every time I start my platform it crashes at least 3 times in a row.
Second, the maxTradesallowed function didn’t work properly last week, causing me serious trouble. The EA was opening 6 Trades while I set max=5 and with a lot size of 3
You can imagine I got nervous. Plus it was Friday evening and the spread was really bad. Plus the EA opened the position at once -> 18 Lots while there was no strong or obvious signal!
This leads to my next concern:
Third, the entry’s of the EA are sometimes really questionable and not good timed, but what is even worse are the EXITS! I can’t run the bot profitable without closing trades manually.
I hope you will find a solution to that, because this EA is not working well. I bought the Power Edition for not a small amount of money and I would like to get some benefit and service in return.
So please start working on the bot. There are a lot of people out there moaning about your product, so get your things together and start doing your JOB.

Thanks in advance."