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habe mich mal direkt an die Entwickler von Forex-Flow gewandt, und gefragt, woran es liegen kann, dass meine Version letzte Woche gar nix getradet hat. Da gibts wohl einen Bug in der aktuellen Version, der durch das neue Release gefixt wird (die einzelnen EXE-Files und dll-files der neuen Version haben Sie mir schon direkt per Mail geschickt, die Installerversion kommt die Tage irgendwann)

Hello Sven,
we had a bug in our Forex Flow, which prevented under some circumstance trading during a day. We supose you were trapped by this issue. So the ping is not the problem. Btw, your ping (65ms) is already very fine !

As you know, we currently work on a new version, which will also trade the AudNzd. We will mail you the new version by tomorrow (were this bug is solved). The Aud Cad will be traded this week on thursday only (due to again a heavy news week). So you can use this new version, to trade already with the new pair (Aud Nzd which will be traded this week on tuesday and thursday). But, as we are in a late beta phase, we advise you to trade this with a smaller lot size

Just for explanantion, the EA should show (in the status field) "Trading Long-Positions", or "Trading Short-Positions". This is indicating, the EA is actually in the trading session, opening new trade series.
I hope, this helps, and sorry for the inconvinience !

Best Regards,

Excellent Fx Trading Support Team